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General Session Descriptions

Gigabit Broadband: Broadband’s Next Frontier – October 2 | 8:45 – 9:45a
Gigabit broadband is taking our industry by storm with new announcements weekly. What are the implications of this next frontier for the broadband carrier ecosystem? This keynote panel of industry experts will discuss and debate the role and impact of Gigabit broadband to our industry.
Jason Chan – Market Development Manager, CenturyLink
Randy Klindt – General Manager, Co-Mo Connect, A Subsidiary of Co-Mo Electric Coop

Jared Baumann – Manager, Market Development and Deployment for Fiber, C Spire
Cullen McCarty – Executive Vice President, Smithville Communications
Carol Wilson – Editor-at-Large, Light Reading (Moderator)

Get Smart: Leveraging the Smart Economy – October 2 | 10:15 – 11:00a
From the smart home, to the smart business, and even the smart car, getting smart is a priority for end users and the communities in which they live. Broadband service providers are well positioned to leverage this growing business opportunity, but how? This panel of industry experts will discuss the growing smart movement and the challenges and opportunities it presents to service providers.
Shirley Bloomfield – CEO, NTCA

Vern Dosch – CEO, NISC
Kevin Morgan – Vice Chair, FTTH Council
GS Sickland – Principal Solutions Consultant, Ericsson
Bernie Arnason – Chair, BroadbandVision (Moderator)

The Cable TV Business: Perspectives From the C-Suite – October 3 | 8:30 – 9:30a
The cable TV business has seen remarkable change in the past decade. The role of broadband, the rising costs of programming, OTT competition, and the technology transition to IP are just a few notable examples. This keynote panel of cable TV leaders will discuss and debate the cable TV business and its future.
Steve Cochran – President & CEO, WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone

Rich Fickle – President & CEO, NCTC
Robert Gessner – President, MCTV
Matt Polka -President & CEO, The American Cable Association (Moderator)

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Video and Entertainment Track Descriptions

From Good to Great: Achieving the Best Entertainment Experience – October 1 | 1:00 – 2:00p
Multiscreen, OTT, TV Everywhere, 4K Ultra HD, SocialTV, ConnectedTV, Wearable TV, on and on we go. But what’s the endgame? Service providers are tasked with developing an entertainment experience that engages customers and delivers margin. What does that experience look like and how do you achieve it? This panel of industry experts will discuss and debate how to build and deliver a better entertainment experience.
Greg Borowski – Senior Director of Product Management TV Everywhere, Synacor
Franz Elizondo – VP, Business Development, RelayTV

Shahbaz Rahmanian – Senior Solution Architect, Ericsson

Constructing the Home Network: Deliver the GoodsOctober 1 | 2:00 – 3:00p
In today’s reality, the home network is an extension of your broadband network. It’s in a broadband carrier’s best interest to minimize problems and bottlenecks there and enable the best in-home experience possible. There are many options and business opportunities as a result. This interactive panel will discuss emerging technologies and best practices for home networks.
John Egan – President, HomeGrid Forum

Doug Mohney – Contributing Editor, TMCNet (Moderator)
Rob Ranck – President, HomePlug Alliance
Al Servati – Vice President, Entropic & MoCA

Competing With Conglomerates: Implications of the Megamergers – October 1 | 3:00 – 4:00p
Is bigger always better? With pending megamergers between Comcast, TW Cable and AT&T, DirecTV in the works, formidable competitors may get even bigger. How should smaller providers compete in this potential new marketplace with two new dominant players? This panel of industry experts will debate and discuss competitive implications and strategies for smaller regional and locally focused service providers.
Bill Gerski – Vice President of Sales, Huawei Technologies, USA
Jeremy Graves – Principal, Pivot Group
Jeff Kohler – Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer,  JAB Wireless
Joan Engebretson – Executive Editor, Telecompetitor (Moderator)

G.Fast: Copper-to-the-Home – October 2 | 3:00 – 4:00p
The latest copper technology promises to rival FTTH capabilities on short copper loops. But the potential benefits don’t end there. They include reduced truck rolls and other cost savings benefits. This session will outline G.Fast technology and discuss its prospects and implications for all service providers.
Mileend Gadkari, Vice President, North American Business Development, Sckipio

BroadbandTV: Let’s Talk Details – October 2 | 4:00 – 5:00p
If you’re in the broadband business, you’re in the video business, whether you want to be or not. Why not figure out how to profit from it? Delivering streaming video over broadband networks to IP enabled STBs and other devices is now a reality for many broadband carriers. This session will outline how it’s accomplished and the benefits it brings.
Brandon Zupanic – Business Development Manager – Ecosystem Partners, Elemental Technologies
Kris Apfelbacher – Director of Video Solutions, Dascom Systems Group

Local Content: All Grown Up?- October 3 | 10:15 – 11:15a
The production and featuring of local content has long been a successful tactic for differentiating content line-ups from competitors. With the amount of professional production and diversifying distribution models on the rise, local content is increasingly on par with more traditional channel options. This session will take a closer look at the evolving and maturing practice of local content production and distribution.
Edward Hinson, Executive Director of Competitive Operations, Skyline Membership Corp.
Ken Pyle – President, Viodi

Netflix: New Friend or Trojan Horse? – October 3 | 11:15a – 12:15p
The impact of Netflix on both TV and broadband access models is undeniable. Service providers have watched in awe as Netflix consumes massive amounts of bandwidth while also tempting subscribers to cut the cord. But recently a number of service providers have decided to partner with Netflix and even launch a Netflix channel. This session will outline this new approach and discuss its pros and cons.
Dave Isenberg – Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Atlantic Broadband

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Cloud & Enterprise Track Descriptions

Managed Wi-Fi: Let’s Get Down to Business – October 1 | 1:00 – 2:00p
Wi-Fi’s reach and impact only continue to grow. Providing managed and cloud based Wi-Fi services to the enterprise, SMB, and retail sectors creates significant business opportunities for carriers. This session will cover these opportunities and offer strategies to maximize them.
Todd Lattanzi – Director of Product Management, ADTRAN

Enterprise Apps: The Low Hanging Fruit – October 1 | 2:00 – 3:00p
There are any number of applications and business opportunities that broadband carriers can pursue in the enterprise and SMB sector. But which ones will deliver a quick ROI on a shorter sales cycle, fueling expansion and growth? This session will highlight business services that represent the best near term opportunities for carriers to seize quickly.
Patrick Herron – Vice President of Product Management, ANPI
Peter Tonti – Vice President of Enterprise Marketing , Windstream

From Five 9s to Market Focused: A Cultural Transition – October 1 | 3:00 – 4:00p
Today’s marketplace requires agility, focus, and market awareness. Legacy carriers who have built their business on building and operating highly reliable networks need to shift their mindset to launching and selling products and services demanded in the marketplace. This requires a critical cultural adjustment. This panel discussion will outline and explore the importance of this shift and highlight strategies to achieve it.
Ed Cushing – General Manager, KPU Telecommunications
Alan Plott – Senior Vice President of Operations, NetAmerica Alliance
George Wyatt – President & CEO, Palmetto Engineering & Consulting
John Koppin – President, Indiana Telecommunications Association (Moderator)

From Broadband Investment to SmartGrid Success: Connecting the Dots – October 2 | 3:00 – 4:00p
The collective broadband and utility ecosystems have invested billions in infrastructure and capabilities with the backdrop of the emerging smartgrid ever-present. With a number of smartgrid examples now in play, the smartgrid opportunity is gaining clarity. This panel of industry experts will discuss and outline how broadband investments and smartgrid opportunities can align.
Martin Lowery – Executive Vice President, NRECA
Kurt Schauback – VP & Chief Technology Officer, NRTC

Data Center: Build, Buy, or Partner? – October 2 | 4:00 – 5:00p
Service providers of all sizes and types are looking to data centers to fuel growth and meet evolving customer demands. But what’s the best approach? This session will outline the three main paths to obtaining data center capability and discuss the pros and cons associated with them.
Leo Staurulakis -Executive Vice President/Chairman, JSI

Valerie Wimer – Vice President, JSI

IoT: Hype or Developing Business Opportunity? – October 3 | 10:15 – 11:15a
The Internet of Things (IoT) makes for interesting reading and big predictions from industry analysts. But does an actual business opportunity exist for broadband carriers, and if so, what is it? This panel of industry experts will discuss and debate the implications and business opportunities arising from IoT.
Bob Gessel – VP and Head of Technology and Network Strategy, Ericsson
Sam Harlan – Vice President Engineering, CHR Solutions

E-Rate: Maximize Your Opportunity – October 3 | 11:15a – 12:15p
There are literally billions of dollars at stake with renewed focus on E-rate, also known as ConnectEd, programs that fund broadband programs for educational and library facilities. How can you best plan for this opportunity? It’s a good bet that if you don’t, someone else will. This session will outline how carriers can participate and discuss best practices for bringing these benefits to your community.
Walt Tustin – Vice President for Strategic Sales, Sunesys, LLC

Rex Miller – CFO, Education Networks of America
Brian Thomason – CEO, Blue Valley Tele-communications
Steve Pastorkovich, Vice President – Training & Development, NTCA (Moderator)

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Broadband Ideas Case Studies Track Descriptions

The New Data Center: Reinventing the Central Office and Head End – October 1 | 1:00 – 2:00p
Florida based ITS Fiber knew they wanted to get in to the data center business, but what was the best path forward for them? Ultimately, ITS decided to retrofit an existing central office and transform it into a data center. ITS will outline their decision making process and demonstrate how they are now leveraging data center capability for future growth.
Jeff Leslie – CEO, ITS Telecom

Rethinking Wireless Backhaul – October 1 | 2:00 – 3:00p
Virginia based Lumos Networks recently embarked on a new approach to wireless backhaul, named Project Ark. This ambitious project leverages a Metro Ethernet Forum CE 2.0 certified MPLS/IP fiber network for fiber-to-the-tower. Lumos Networks will outline this project and the impact it is having on their network and business model.
Craig Drinkhall – CTO, Lumos Networks

Home Security and Automation: A Natural Fit – Oct 1 | 3:00 – 4:00p
Broadband carriers are increasingly looking to home security and automation services to grow ARPU and meet customer demands. Canby Telcom of Canby, Oregon recently added an impressive security and automation platform to their portfolio and they will offer a case study of their experience.
Merry Shepard– Director of Marketing, Canby Telcom

TV White Spaces Broadband: Viable Broadband Access Option? – October 2 | 3:00 – 4:00p
TV Whitespace Broadband is an emerging fixed wireless technology that is showing early promise. The University of New Hampshire is conducting field trials of the technology and will present findings regarding its viability as a possible broadband access technology.
Rouzbeh Yassini – Executive Director, University of New Hampshire Broadband Center of Excellence

Rural 4G LTE: Early Lessons Learned – October 2 | 4:00 – 5:00p
Verizon is partnering with other service providers to launch 4G LTE in rural markets. Several of these partners have launched 4G and gained valuable lessons learned for 4G deployments in rural markets. This session will feature these carriers and offer an early look into rural 4G LTE deployments.
Scott McCloud – Senior VP/CTO, Bluegass Celluar
Slayton Stewart – CEO, Carolina West Wireless
Adam Lippman – Manager, Business Development & Strategic Alliances, Verizon (Moderator)

BroadbandTV: Early Results – October 3 | 10:15 – 11:15a
Several service providers have launched TV programming over broadband to add value to their service offer and meet the evolving TV needs of their customers. Hear direct from service providers who have launched this emerging application and gain an understanding of early results.
Eric West – Director of Marketing, DuoCounty Telecom

Going Out of Market with Hosted PBX – October 3 | 11:15a – 12:15p
Geography doesn’t matter for hosted PBX services and the best opportunities often lie out of market for regional and local carriers. This case study will outline how service providers can plan and attack out-of-market opportunities.
Rod Imbriani – Vice President-Product, Frontier Communications

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