Spotfire document property display name
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Trigger any python script when clicking on a tab. Find And Replace for Spotfire Desktop / Analyst

spotfire document property display name

Remarks. This property returns "none" if the document does not have an active theme. A theme's display name is the name that appears in the Theme dialog box.. Dynamically Updating Fixed Values in a Drop-down list Property Control There are some situations where you will want to have a Drop-down list Property Control display.

spotfire document property display name

Posts about Spotfire Customization written (switched using property as exact literals of the column name which you want to use against a Display Name.. Get Visible Filters Information - Python Script import Spotfire.Dxp.Application print t.Panel.FilteringSchemeReference.FilteringSelectionReference.Name.
“Property functions”.
Configuring access for the TIBCO Cloudв„ў SpotfireВ® web client Changing display name for The argument to the method is the name of the document property,.
spotfire document property display name

15/01/2014В В· Hi Alyosha, I am trying to do exactly what you describe above. All I want to do is pull the name of the person who created the document (the SharePoint. Show current filter settings - Add a script parameter and name it vTextArea Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Web.config).. 16/11/2018В В· Dropdown Content Control = display name vs. value Word offers a Display Name field and a Value field. the Value property is only available in VBA,.

spotfire document property display name

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